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Derma Roller Serums & Essences

For best results from your derma rolling treatments, we recommend combining its use with MTS Derma Serums. In essence the rolling process opens the skin pores, but it is the serums that provide required nourishment to the skin. Rich in vitamins, the serums can boost the process of the skin revitalization by restoring its suppleness.

Like derma rolling, MTS derma serums also act in a dual way. One, they promote collagen synthesis, and second, they function as strong anti-oxidants that protect our fragile skin against damage from the sun or impact of free radicals.

MTS Derma serums and essences can be used for eliminating the following:

  1. Reduce stretch marks, scars and wrinkles
  2. Reduction in cellulite
  3. Reduces puffiness around the eyes
  4. Eliminates sagginess and restores the firmness of the skin
  5. Moisturizes the skin and keep its soft and glowing
  6. Treats malnourished skin with the aid of collagen synthesis
  7. Boost hair growth on the scalp

In the past people have been spending huge amounts on getting laser therapy in order to look younger and more vibrant, but these therapies are not only expensive, but at times lead to thinning of the skin, which itself leads to aging. In comparison, derma rolling is a far more reliable technique for rejuvenating skin, because it helps in thickening of the skin and comes at a fraction of the cost.

And, unlike thought, you need not visit a hospital or derma specialist for derma rolling sessions. If you’re dealing with routine skin problems like scars and wrinkles, which comes with age, you can buy derma rollers and derma serums, use them at home as per the instructions and see the difference yourself.

There is enough proof about the success of derma products, including the rollers and the serums. If you have a doubt, do take a look at our before and after pictures, and find out the difference we are capable of delivering. There are several types of skin conditions we have covered and the results are clearly visible in the before and after pictures. Moreover, you can also read customer reviews on MTS serums, and read for yourself the successful stories of others like you, who’ve regained their confidence and their self-esteem because now they look much younger, and their skin glows with the vibrancy of youth. 

How do MTS derma serums work?

Derma serums work on clinically proven advanced formula that reinforces the use of derma rollers. These serums are nothing but vitamins supplements and they are rich in Vitamin A, C, and E, the most essential vitamins for maintaining a healthy and glowing skin.

As already told, derma rollers part away the skin pores, which then need to be filled with skin nourishing products. Regular skin care products like skin whiteners, sunscreens and moisturizers are necessary for the skin, but not sufficient. Serums come loaded with that extra goodness, and replenish the skin with lost nutrients to once again make it look firm, soft and clear.

MTS Serums reviews

  1. Born with extremely sensitive skin I always thought derma rolling was not meant for me, but then a friend suggested me to use the derma serum post rolling. The results were truly astonishing, and I’m so relieved that there I something people with sensitive skin can count on.
  2. I’ve been troubled with hair fall for quiet sometime now, and my hair wouldn’t grow past a length. Then 8 months back I decided to try derma serum and to my surprise my hair has actually started growing longer since them.  I’m so grateful to the product, and so happy I can finally think about a new hairstyle. 
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