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Korean BB Cream

Most of the creams, which are made in the United States of America, are a tint moisturizer. They not offer all the benefits of a good BB Cream, and even if they do, the coverage is very less and the price is high. BB Creams produced in Asia, especially in Korea are very different from those produced in USA. They are like foundation which may be layered for better coverage and still remains very light, similar to a tint moisturizer. Also, they offer great benefits of a good BB Cream. Initially, they were available in limited skin shades, but now you can have them I a number of skin shades, no matter how fair or dusky.

BB Korean cream is at present an essential component of the daily beauty routine of Korean women. The creams are soon entering other markets and being appreciated by women the world over for they incorporate everything from basic moisturizing, UV Protection, and can also be used as foundation, concealer and primer. Earlier Korean BB cream were available only with the dermatologists or Skin care clinics, but now it is being widely available at most the cosmetic stores, both online and offline.

Originally the cream was used for soothing and protecting the skin after scaling and peeling due to surgery. Now, it is used as a substitute to make up base or as a foundation. It helps in creating an even skin tone, without causing any irritation to the skin. Working women in particular find this product highly useful, because the simple one-step application helps them eliminate the numerous steps in skin care otherwise demanded.

It is lighter than any other liquid make up or cream formula. The cream helps in reviving the skin from irritation. It is very effective for treating acne and sensitive skin. It appears to be darker than a foundation, but the skin absorbs the cream quickly, leaving a natural looking skin. It may also be helpful in repairing damaged skin, especially damage from the sun. It contains all organic ingredients and has no side effects. It helps in exfoliating and rejuvenating the cells of the skin.

Best Korean BB creamare now being sold online at MTS Roller, don’t forget to check our collection of different BB Creams from the top Korean brands, among which features Missha, one of the highest selling BB Cream brand.

Useful Tips for the Proper Application of BB Creams

BB creams have a creamy formula that spreads evenly across the face to produce smooth velvety finish.  

Thus, the proper application of the cream is very important in order to get good results. By following a few tips, effective results can be realized.

  1. Mix a moisturizer in the BB cream in the ratio of two is to one. Apply this mix evenly all over the face. White creams are suggested for the skin tones that are lighter.
  2. Use foundation brush in place or fingers for the application of the BB cream, seamlessly ignoring the streaks.
  3. Wet a cotton sponge and remove excess water. Use this half damp cotton sponge for the application of the BB cream along with a moisturizing effect. For more coverage, continue the application of the cream with slight taps with the help of the sponge.
  4. After the application of the BB cream, use heat of the palms for enhancing the absorption of the skin. By pressing the warm palm evenly all across the face will raise the adherence to skin and make it last longer.

In case you have a specific skin tone, like dry skin, oily skin, etc there will be special features your BB Creams must supple. Most Korean creams come in versions that will suit all skin types, in addition to which look for the following:

Normal skin

Those with normal skin generally have an even complexion and so it’s a good idea to naturally balance the skin tone. If you wish to brighten your complexion, try a bb Cream with a skin whitener. Creams with a matte effect will be good for those looking for smooth silky appearance.

Oily Skin

If you have an oily skin, the best option for you is to look for BB Creams with plant extracts. Oily skin is sensitive to various chemicals and prone to reactions depending on the product constituents.  A cream that is sweat resistant and grease free is recommended to prevent the face from looking too shinny or sweating oil.

Dry Skin

For dry skin, it is recommended to use a watery cream. Too thick, non-moisturizing creams may further dry out the skin. Dry skin is most susceptible to the formation of wrinkles and line. If you have dry skin, do apply moisturizers twice a day, and before the application of any make-up.

What BB cream reviews say?

There are millions of customers who have tried Korean BB creams and are happy with the results. According to them BB creams have many advantages over other types of creams and beauty products.

Women using them have also commented vastly on the Korean and the American versions. According to most reviews Korean version are far more effective and at the same time also less expensive. Till sometime ago, the Korean BB Creams were available in limited shades only, the ones that would suit the Asian complexion alone. But, with the rising demand of BB Creams the world over, manufacturers are now giving users more shade options as well. 

Working women in particular are finding BB Creams extremely effective. They no longer need to spend long hours in front of the mirror dressing their face in make-up, but rather achieve a flawless face in just one simple stroke of application of a BB Cream.

Moreover, Korean products have the advantage of being composed of all organic ingredients, which makes them safe to use. Using several make products all at once, exposes the skin to a diverse number of chemicals, but using a single BB Cream with natural ingredients keeps the skin safe against chemical damage.

Why buy Korean BB Creams on MTS Roller?

With a huge number of cosmetic retailers online, offering a large variety of beauty products including BB Creams, it becomes difficult for the consumers to make the right choice. Don’t get carried away by conspicuous sellers, only trust reputed brands. We at MTS Roller, sell only 100% authentic products from the most famous Korean skin care brands.

We bring you one of the largest collections of Korean BB Creams from the best Korean brands at the best prices. To being shopping with register with us for free, and get started instantly. Read exclusively about products before buying, make comparisons between a number of brands and get the best value on every purchase you make.

You can also enjoy huge discount on your BB Cream purchase from us. Register with us and get the latest updates on our products via mail.

For more enquiries on BB Creams, Korean BB Creams, their uses and their benefits, feel free to call us at 1-877-692-3877. We’ll be happy to assist you shopping the best products and answer all your queries no matter how trivial. 

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