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Latisse Eyelash Enhancer


Many women have short and thin eyelashes, but each woman aspires to have long, thick and voluminous eyelashes which helps enrich her overall beauty. When it comes to appealing eyes with long and thick eyelashes, we women often turn away from the regular eyeliners and mascaras to eyelash enhancing products, that given their make guarantee to give us longer and thicker eyelashes if used properly and as instructed.  

Most of us don’t have that extra time and money to blow up in the parlors to undergo beauty treatments or see doctors on the regular basis; to help grow the much needed eyelashes, this is where eyelash enhancers (prescribed by ophthalmologists) come in so much handy. Eyelash enhancers, when applied over a period of time give us long and thick eyelashes good enough to give our eyes that much required alluring glamour (perhaps missing because of thin, light eyelashes).

There is an ever-growing number of cosmetic companies which are producing and selling eyelash growth enhancers out there in the market, which are overhyped to offer females the much needed help in growing thicker and longer eyelashes in lesser time and significantly lesser amount of money.

What is eyelash enhancer?

Having understood the primary importance of eyelash enhancers, we need to understand what an eyelash enhancer is?

An eyelash enhancer is basically a serum, a product which is primarily made to help women (or anyone else) to grow eyelashes thicker and longer. While there are eyelash enhancing products that need to be used twice or more times a day, Latisse eyelash enhancer is one FDA approved eyelash enhancer, which helps you grow your eyelashes longer and thicker by applying it only once a day. Most eyelash growth enhancing products take a couple of weeks to show early effects.

On applying eyelash enhancing products like the Latisse lash enhancer women have seen a significant change in the length and thickness of their eyelashes after applying the enhancer for an instructed period of time. The change in the length and thickness of the eyelashes has been really noteworthy in many women, who believe the effect is more than possible with any other kind of product or treatment.

It has been noted that not most of the eyelash growth enhancing products use natural ingredients. Most of the products available out there have some sort of harmful ingredients, including synthetic growth chemicals, which can cause serious side effects to the eye. If the eyelash enhancer containing synthetic chemicals isn’t used as instructed it could lead to soreness and irritation in the eye or even lead to more serious problems causing blindness.

Besides the synthetic growth chemicals there are many other types of ingredients used in the creation of eyelash enhancing serum which if absorbed by the eye could change the color of the iris in the eye. Therefore it should be understood that using eyelash enhancing products can be helpful, but these products could have some damaging side effect if not used as instructed.

Things important to consider before buying an eyelash enhancer

Given the side effects and problems that come associated with some of the eyelash enhancing products it is import to make sure you are choosing the one with minimum side effects and one that is really effective and best in the market. Here are a few tips you can consider –

  1. Choose a product, which has ingredients you aren’t allergic to 
  2. Pick an enhancer that lengthen and thickens the eyelashes and also makes them stronger so that they do not break
  3. Choose the product which is approved by FDA (a clearing agency in your part of the world) or one that is approved by the doctors
  4. Choose an eyelash enhancer which is effect, cheap and sensitive to the eye

Latisse for eyelashes

Having gone through the things to remember before choosing an eyelash enhancer, one name that has shown the prowess to match all the qualities is Latisse eyelash enhancer. Latisse lash enhancer one of the best and most preferred eyelash enhancer, with Latisse eyelashes look more voluminous, longer an thicker, which makes the eyelash look wonderful and corresponding add to the women beauty. Latisse is the only prescription treatment, approved by the FDA, used to grow eyelashes

Latisse is a prescription drug approved by FDA for the treatment of loss of eyelashes. Promoted by spokes model Brook Shields, the Latisse is instructed to be applied to the base of the upper eyelash to generate longer and thicker eyelashes. Latisse eyelash enhancer boosts the eye lash hair in their growth and delivers noticeable effects within a few weeks of use.  Latisse eye lash enhancer contains bimatoprost as one of the main ingredients (an active ingredient in glaucoma drug Lumigan). Bimatoprost is a synthetic growth chemical, it can affect the eye adversely therefore it is very important to use Latisse eye lash enhancer as instructed and should only be used on the outside of the eye.

Latisse lash enhancer as informed is one of the best eyelash enhancing product that you can buy in the market. It is safe to use because it’s prescribed by the doctors, and is FDA approved. However it can have some side effects because of its composition and chemicals used, therefore it is very important to know the applying instruction thoroughly before using it.

Latisse eyelash enhancer is to be applied once a day in order to see good and effective results. The serum is applied with an applicator brush on the base of the upper eyelash. The results start showing in after about 8 weeks of applying the Latisse eyelash enhancer, however, the best result is seen in about 16 weeks after use.

Clinical studies have shown that Latisse works well with men and women with all kind of skin types. Latisse helps grow lashes gradually over time. Some people may begin to see longer thicker lashes in less than four weeks while some may take about 16 weeks to experience full growth.

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Product Reviews

Latisse Eyelash Enhancer

  1. Latisse really works! I was a regular user of RapidLash eyelash enhancing serum, but my lashes felt almost transparent on the tips. Then someone recommended Latisse to me. I am using Latisse for over 6 weeks now, and it is taking care of all the issues of my depleting eyelashes. I’d recommend Latisse to everyone. - Debra, New York City, US
  2. I never believed in eyelash enhancing products, thought they were all crap. I therefore preferred my eyelash extensions. But I started using Latisse when my stupid extensions literally left may eyelashes bald. Latisse has been a really helpful product, my lashes have started to grow back, they feel thicker and longer and I feel really happy when people comment and notice my eyes. Thanks Latisse. - Linda, Sydney, Australia.
  3. After having used Latisse for about 8 weeks, I had noticed a significant difference in my eyelashes; people had begun noticing my thick and sexy eyelashes. When I stopped using the product, my lashes went back to their original state very rapidly. Latisse is a great lash enhancing product but there is a sad fact. The results aren't permanent. Really sad! I would only recommend this as a temporary but effective solution to make eyes look gorgeous. - Brooke Adams, London, UK

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