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MT Roller

The MT Roller is another popular derma roller which combines high quality features with a low cost approach to home based rollers. This roller is considered a worthy competitor to other well-known brands of derma roller.

The MT Roller has been pre-sterilized so this is one less thing for you to do as part of your pre-treatment routine. Some rollers have to be sterilized by the customer before use but others such as the MT Roller have undergone this procedure beforehand.

MT Roller design and function

This type of roller features multi-colored barrel with 500 microneedles which are attached to a plastic handle. These micro needles are made from premium surgical steel and create openings in the pores of the skin which stimulates the skin into healing itself.

There are different sizes of micro needles which depend upon the type of treatment. Some skin conditions require the use of a roller with the smallest size of needle, e.g. 0.5 mm for fine lines and wrinkles: and then there are the larger 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm sized needles for deep seated acne scars and heavy looking stretch marks.

The size of needle also depends upon which part of the body (of face) is being treated. Areas which require precision rolling will use a small needle whereas areas of the body where there is extensive damage, e.g. surgical scars will require a large needle.

The MT Roller can be used on most areas of the face and body but with two exceptions. It must not be used on the lips or the eyelids.

The concept behind MT Roller

The concept behind this roller is the same as that which applies to all types of dermarollers.

Derma roller is a skin repair and rejuvenation system in which the roller is used to penetrate the pores of the skin via a rolling action. This has the effect of opening those pores which also triggers a healing process. These openings are tiny micro channels which do not cause any bleeding or discomfort and are extremely receptive to moisturizers and other skin care products. This does not cause any damage to the skin. This healing process involves the production of collagen and elastin: two important proteins within the skin which are responsible for its strength and elasticity.

This process reduces or in some cases, removes the offending skin condition, for example the signs of ageing or damage caused by excess sun exposure.

The best results arise from a combination of the roller and the application of a serum skin care products.

How to use MT Roller


How to use MT Roller

Step 1: Use medical alcohol to disinfect treatment area and the microneedle or roller head.

Step 2: Apply suitable nutrition (essence or serum) on skin.

Step 3: Roll back and forth 4-5 times and keep a constant pressure and speed to create more micro vessels.

Step 4: Move roller four times at least in four directions on treatment area horizontally vertically and diagonally right and left.

Step 5: Apply Nutrition or mask products on skin that is being treated and be mindful of any skin inflammation. Caution: Irritated skin, infected skin, fungal skin, active acne, rosacea, and Hereditary Hemochromatosis, etc are not fit to use. If you are not sure about their skin condition should consult a dermatologist before using the Roller. If there are any skin problems after use, stop using immediately and consult a doctor or skin care specialist. Store the roller careful and keep it out of the reach of children! Do not share the roller as it should be used exclusively by the same person.

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