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Derma Rollers According to Needle Length

The derma roller is a skin care tool, that promotes collagen growth on the skin, it does that by doing really small holes on the skin, that trigger the skin’s response to the attack, and that response comes in the form of collagen. This new layer of collagen will correct the skins previous imperfections, covering up acne scars, stretch marks, and so on.

_______0.25_______ _______0.5_______ _______1.0_______ _____1.5_______ _______2.0_______
Anti age treatments

Acne scars

Deep acne scars  Very deep scars  Deep scar, pores, refine treatment
Thinning hair Mild chicken pox scars Chicken pox scars  Sagging skin  Upper derma reborn
Greying hair Light cases of stretch marks/cellulite Light stretch marks/cellulite  Deep/severe stretch marks/cellulite  Cellulite and Stretch marks treatment
   Hyper Pigmentation (sun-spots) Ice pick scars    Enhance nutrient absorption
   General CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy)  Surgery scars    Cell Regeneration