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About MTS Roller

MTS (Microneedling Therapy System) Derma Roller consists of 192 or more specially treated high strength stainless needles. Drilling holes in the skin with such precisely machined needles regenerates the skin quickly and prevents a wound in the skin. Also, its ergonomic design with grooves on the front of the grip and minute projections on its back prevents slippage during operation. Its streamlined design does not fatigue the wrist and arm even during long-time operation.

This instrument stimulates the skin by the manual rotations of the needles attached to the roller. 

What is the purpose of MTS Roller?

It promotes the absorption of medical skin care products by stimulating the skin. Some of these are also known as essence or serums.  



Advantages of MTS Roller

-Thicker skin 
-Rapid healing
-Less expensive rather than laser resurfacing
-Skin does not become sun sensitive
-Can be used after laser resurfacing or those with very thin skin
-Possible elimination of telangiectasia
-Easy technique
-Can be performed with Topical Numbing Cream


Collagen induction mechanism of Meso-rolling system

-Needles break old collagen strands
-Injury promotes removal of damaged collagen 
-Injury induces more fresh collagen deposition immediately

Who needs MTS Roller?

*Those who are too busy to undertake fully-fledged skin care treatments.
*Those sho wish for the skin care to provide pure and clean skin
*Those who suffer from fine lines or wrinkles
*Those who want to remove scars or marks from skin irritation.
*Those who want to improve the absorption rate of cosmetic application on the skin.
*Those who want to conduct post-procedure skin care.


Dermaroller Treatment History


Around 80% of children will have acne while they grow up, while many adults will continue to suffer from it well into their late 20's or even beyond. It’s no surprise then that there are so many cases of acne scarring. 

While skin peels and other cosmetics treatments that reduce the signs of scars have been around for a long time, another treatment has relatively recently arrived on the scene - but just how new is the technology dermaroller therapy is based on?

In the early 1990s Dr. Philippe Simonin and  Dr. Andre Camirand published articles detailing how skin needling had helped to reduce the appearance of scars. This research acted as a catalyst for the development of the groundbreaking dermaroller therapy. The history of skin needling and dermaroller therapy actually goes much further back than the late 20th century however.

In fact, while dermaroller therapy might be something fairly new in the west, similar treatments have been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The Chinese believed that skin needling was not only beneficial to the exterior appearance, but could also have a positive effect on the life energy of a person (their qì).

While scientific studies cannot show that dermaroller therapy has an effect on qì, there’s no doubt that the treatment, which has been dubbed by some as an acne cure, helps many people gain a real, noticeable reduction in acne scarring. This in turn helps many people improve their self-esteem, and gives them a much more positive outlook on life - so perhaps it really does improve your qì.

Western medicine is finally catching up to what Chinese medicine has known for millennia: that minor subcutaneous injuries to the skin's outermost layer is a proven and effective way to stimulate the fresh growth of new skin cells. This produces smoother, healthier looking skin. Whether you want to think of the treatment as tried and tested or groundbreaking, you can’t argue with the facts.