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What is Derma Rolling

What is Derma Rolling, Derma Roller, Skin Roller, MTS Roller and how does it work?

The derma rollling uses medical device (such as Dr.Roller,MT Roller, MRS Roller, ZGTS roller, DNA Roller) consisting of a heavy duty plastic roller head covered in high quality titanium needles, also known as derma roller, skin roller or mts roller. The needles are designed to penetrate the stratum corneum, conium the hard outer surface of the epidermal layer of the skin, body or scalp. Hundreds of tiny channels are created through the stratum corneum, which facilitate the passage and absorption of your skin care product, or minoxidil for hair restoration into the dermis, to maximize its absorption. It gently exfoliates excess skin cells which contribute to hair follicle malnutrition, scaring or premature aging, and ultimately hair follicle failure, wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite and scars. The roller stimulates blood flow to the surface, gives a skin massage, cleans out the pores and stimulates collagen re-growth.

Derma Roller known as Skin Roller, as a skincare device, is designed to use on Derma Rolling System which is called a 4-generation skincare program and consisted of various kinds of needles, such as 0.25mm∼2.5mm, for optimal treatment on the skin.




Do You have testimonial pictures of Derma rolling before and after? How do you use derma roller?

Yes, we urge you to read Derma Roller Before And After section and how to use before you purchase items.

Why is it so important to purchase authentic original derma rollers?


[Authentic Needles]

[Counterfeit Products]

[Counterfeit Products]

The needles on the product have a significant effect on its treatment. The needles on Dr. roller have been made of high grade of stainless steel for medical use, so they create fine and delicate holes on the skin and help increase more clinical effect than that of roller made by other competitor.



Q. Is it ok to use the derma or skin roller if I have Radessie injected already in my skin?

A.Yes it is ok to use the dermaroller over skin fillers.

Q. I have just used the skin roller for the first time. It was ok on the first day but now 2 days later I have red bumpy patches on my cheeks and forehead. It looks like I have acne?

A. If sounds as though you have released toxins/old collagen fibers from below the surface of your skin, which is good of course. Just keep the area clean and do not use the skin roller again until your face is clear. You can use moisturizer. The renewing skin cycle/new collagen regrowth is 4-6 weeks.

Q. Does it hurt?

A. The needles on the roller and stamp are long enough to assist in the penetration of your skin care product, but will not damage the skin or scalp in any way. It is normal for the skin or skin or scalp to be a little sensitive when scalp rolling is first commenced, but most people report no problems after a few days.

Q. So do you have to use an anesthetic gel or cream?

A. Some people use the numbing cream for cellulite and face needling. Others feel it is not necessary and claim that the roller is a little irritating or tickles, and then you get used to it, in other words not painful. So it is trial and error and varies from one person to the next.

Q. Can the derma or skin roller be used on veins and broken blood vessels or spider veins?

A. Yes you can use the skin roller on veins close on the surface of face and body - Derma rolling helps to break up larger blood vessels. A derma or skin roller is like a rolling pin to which many, tiny, thin, acupuncture-like needles are attached, can be used to crisscross the dilated blood vessels. Disrupting them like this promotes their disappearance. Healing is usually complete in a few days and treatments may be repeated at monthly intervals as needed.

Q. Can I use the skin roller on my face if I have active acne.

A. No it will make the acne spread.

Q. Do you have to use a cream or product with the roller?

A. After rolling use a good quality product (cream or oil) ingredient try our Skin Numbing Creams, as after rolling the skin will absorb 84% of that product - compared to 4% without skin needling. The roller facilitates tiny channels/holes for it to literally go into the skin - painlessly. Needling stimulates blood flow and collagen re-growth. Skin care products used after rolling are extremely beneficial. You can use Vitamin A and C, copper peptides or a high quality, vitamin enriched active ingredient moisturizer.

Q. What cream should I use after rolling.

A. We have developed, a proven successful, all natural skin care products

Q. How long to see results?

A. All skin is different so we cant give a definite time frame re results, but as you roll your skin will feel lighter, tighter and brighter almost immediately. If you are treating scars or wrinkles you will see results each week as they skin changes and collagen re-grows, then after 1-3 months deeper results.

Q. How long does the skin roller last?

A. Our skin rollers are very high quality so with care of the roller, and with continual use, it will last 6-8 months - the needles don't wear out as such as they are medical grade, but with continual use they will eventually become blunt just as an expensive razor would.

Q. Can I use a skin roller when breast feeding or pregnant?

A. The reason it is said not to use a dermaroller when pregnant, lactating and feeding is that the body needs all of its vitamins to feed the baby. So as the production of new collagen uses some vitamins, it is best not to use the dermaroller at this time.

Q. Do you need to be more careful in the sun after rolling?

A. No, sun-sensitivity is not induced because of needling.

Q. What are the names used for needling?

A. Needling is also called Dermarolling, Collagen-Induction-Therapy (CIT), Skin rolling, derma rolling, and skin needling, PCI micro needling (Percutaneous Collagen Induction), Micro needle Therapy and mesorolling.

Q: What does needle gauge mean?

A: The gauge of the needles is weather it is thick or thin. Thicker needles will cause scarring, unnecessary pain and bleeding, thinner needles will not stimulate enough collagen or elastin to be effective. Our dermaroller needles are the right gauge so do not cause these problems. See Be Safe page for detailed information.

Q: What about color changes on the skin that we may see some times?

A: Discoloration is rare and generally only a 'permanent problem' if a 2.0 or longer needle is used, I have never seen a permanent color change, and we have been using the skin rollers in our clinic for some time. Changes in skin color can also be because of toxins migrating to the surface and then the color (patches) fade out as you keep rolling. Also old collagen fibers break down as you roll, and as the skin is uneven, there may look like changes in color in patches, but this is temporary. New color also comes to the skin naturally as you roll, as in a healthy glow, as pores are cleaned out and new collagen grows. So that would be the color you are supposed to be, as in a healthy skin tone. I wouldn't suggest you use any chemical on the color change, just keep rolling and allow it to balance out naturally - if it ever does occur.

Q. So rolling creates channels or holes in the skin do they stay open and absorb dirt as well?

A. No the tiny channels quickly close over, within the hour.

Q. Does the Skin Roller damage the skin?

A. No, there have been no reports of side effects with the Roller. The Dr. Roller penetrates the stratum corneum (top skin layer), where tiny needles form infiltration channels for a short space of time. The extreme slim needle-tips push the scales of the epidermis only aside, but they do not destroy them. The infiltration channels are closed in less than an hour. With shaving it's a fact that the sharp razor blades remove part of the stratum corneum but there are no reports that this centuries old procedure of shaving has any negative effect to the skin.

Q. How long should you roll?

A. The needling or rolling with the skin roller is not determined by time. More importantly are the numbers of roll-movements over a certain skin-area. Ten (10) roll-movements set 160 pricks per square centimeter (15 times about 240 pricks). It should not take more than 3-5 minutes.

Q. How should I roll?

A. With your free hand hold the skin putting it under some slight tension. Place the skin roller on the skin and roll with a constant movement to the end of the skin area. Roll two or three times over the same spot back and forth over the skin and in different directions.

Q. Do I need to sterilize my roller after use?

A. Yes it is essential to keep your roller in a clean and sterile condition. Wash in hot running water after every use. Then once a week stand head first in half your plastic cylinder (that the roller comes in) of disinfectant for about half an hour. Shake of excess liquid and allow to dry on clean towel or paper towel. Put cap on and store in clean sealed container - supplied. Don't ever share your roller due to probable cross contamination.

Q. What type of disinfectant should I use?

A. Just buy a small bottle of disinfectant from the first-aid section of your supermarket or pharmacy. Fill your plastic cylinder 1/4 full with disinfectant, and 1/4 water, so the cylinder is half full. Put roller in head first for about 1/2 an hour. This sterilizes your roller as well as plastic cylinder you store it in.

Q. How deep does the Skin Roller go into the skin?

A. The Dr. Roller only sets penetration channels into the epidermis. The roller will only go as deep as the short needles are. See diagram on Medical Stuff page.

Q. How often can the Dr. Roller be used and how long does the roller last?

A. It can be used daily without any harm to the skin. We recommend 5 days out of 7 each week. Some people do a treatment weekly or monthly as well, or only that. With time, even the strongest needle point will lose its sharpness. When this happens the roller should be replaced. Our Skin rollers commonly loose their sharpness after 6-8 months of use. Even the best razor blade or the best scalpel will gradually loose its sharpness, this is an unfortunate fact. However you will be pleased with the use that you will get out of your skin roller. Don't keep using the roller if the needles become blunted by lack of care of the product.

Q. What is the best way to treat stretch marks?

A. The best way to get rid of stretch marks is to do a VERY FIRM roll once a month with numbing cream (available from our website), this needs 1-2 days healing time. Be patient. Wait 4-6 weeks to see your result as your own collagen will grow and fill in the stretch marks. There should be no down time and no post application pain. You can re-treat then if necessary.

Q. Can I treat my face and arms?

A. All areas of the face, neck and body can be treated.

Q. Can I reuse my Skin Roller?

A. Yes it can be used many times. The average shelf life, with continual use, is 6-8 months.

Q. Can I just buy a Skin Roller with my friend and we use it together?

A. No, never share your Skin Roller due to probable cross infection.

Q. How fast can I expect to see results from using the derma roller. How long do I have to use it to get rid of the stretch marks completely?

A. It all depends on how deep your stretch marks are, if you roll very firmly once a month then wait for the collagen to regrow you may be looking at 3-6 months, so that is just 3-6 treatments. You will see a great improvement after each healing.

Q. What about facial warts or cold sores and using the derma or skin roller?

A. If you have any type of herpes virus dormant or otherwise you cannot use the dermaroller or dermastamp on that area. When treating above lip lines, if you have suffered from herpes complex (cold sores) in the past, make sure the dermaroller does not touch the lips or the cold sores will flare again. Facial warts if dormant may not flair when using the dermaroller but it is not worth the risk.