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5 Tips for Choosing a good Derma Roller

So, you’ve heard a lot about the goodness and results of derma rollers, and would like to give it a try. The idea is not bad given that celebrities like Angelina Jolie too got she skin treated with derma rollers. Keep in mind these five tips before choosing a good derma roller and hopefully you’ll arrive at the right decision. 

Understand your skin conditions

derma-roller.jpgContrary to the myth that derma rolling is a miracle procedure for renewing the skin back to its youth, there are some ifs and buts to its results. There are some skin issues it can handle well, while there are others beyond its scope.

If the skin condition is superficial, which means it still hasn’t crossed the epidermis of the skin, chances are bright that derma rolling will effectively solve the problem. These conditions include light stretch marks, acne scars and light dark spots over the skin.

The same may not hold true if the skin conditions have extended beyond the epidermis.

Never chose derma roller based on their price

There are plenty of choices when it comes to purchasing derma rollers from the market. From authentic high grade quality devices, to cheap imitations, it is in your hands to choose what you want.

Originally these devices were used only by doctors, and they came in high grade quality, but with increase in demand many low grade rollers are flooding the market. In case, you are looking for an affordable roller, that can be relied, the brand is Dr. Roller & Derma Roller.

Purchase derma rollers from reputable retailers

This is especially true when we talk about purchasing derma rollers online. Buying directly from the manufacturers is the best way to guarantee authenticity, but you can actually get good discounts from big online retailers.

Make sure you look for seller guarantees on the products, money back offers and real consumer reviews on their websites. This is the best way to judge a retailer’s authenticity.

So along with the reputation of the brand, the reputation of the sellers is also important to verify. The brand that is highly recommended for all is Derma Roller.

Read derma roller reviews before buying brand and every seller will only have praise for the products they manufacture and sell, but it is the ultimate consumers who decides if the product meets these claims or not. To verify the quality, functionality and use of a particular brand of derma rollers, it is advisable to read plenty of reviews for the same. There are a number of online forums, where you can find reviews, participate in discussions before you select a brand of derma rollers.

As per online reviews, the most reliable, useful and effective derma roller is one manufactured and marketed by Dr. Roller.

Choosing the right needle length

Buying the right brand of derma roller, from a reputed retailer is not enough. What you also need to make sure is that the length of the needles is appropriate for the skin condition you wish to treat.

For beginners and all home users, the recommended needle length is 1.0mm and up to 1.50 mm. This length ensures a balance between results and safety. For sensitive skin, it is recommended to use nothing above a needle length of 0.50 mm. 

If anything above 2.00mm needle length is to be used, allow a trained beautician or a doctor to do the rolling for you. Attempting to do it on your own can lead to the bleeding and damaging of the skin (if not done correctly).