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5 Skincare Tips for Pregnant Women

This dullness on the skin is attributed to the hormonal changes that the body of a woman undergoes. Some of the women develop heavy acne on faces while others are bothered by the rashes. There are few who develop skin dryness as well. Only a very few are fortunate to begin and end their pregnancies all aglow.

Therefore, pregnant mums-to-be should chart out a special skin care routine in order to preserve the real glow of their skin, even in the most trying circumstances.

Here we compile some useful tips that can help you to maintain that radiant glow during pregnancy:

1. Check whether cosmetic products in daily use are safe

As recommended by the physicians, a pregnant woman should check the suitability various cosmetic products during pregnancy. Some products are considered harmful for the skin (for a pregnant lady) and therefore should be replaced with others which are suited for her skin. You should carefully check skin care products for their ingredients before purchase.

2. Avoid soap use and spend less time under the shower

Soaps are believed to cause harm to the skin as they eat up the natural oils from the skin. Also, you should not spend much time under the shower as an extended water exposure can leave your skin dehydrated. In fact, you should use moisturizers to re-hydrate the skin on a regular basis.

3. Massage can do wonders

skin-care-during-pregnancy.jpgYour skin needs an extra dose of nutrients during pregnancy. There is no better substitute than a regular massage in order to pump in the necessary nutrients. You should massage your skin (or avail the services of a professional massage therapist) especially the protruding belly which can be under stress during this time. It will keep the skin gentle, agile and elastic in the area where stretch marks develop at a steady pace. It has also been noticed that during pregnancy the turnover of the skin cells tends to increase and therefore, nourishment in the form a good skin cream or gel can help considerably.

4. Say no to make up

It should be noted that the skin during pregnancy becomes very sensitive and therefore, even slight makeup can cause irritation. In case you can’t really avoid cosmetics or make up products completely, make use of non-cosmedogenic cosmetic or hypoallergenic to minimize the occurrence of skin allergies. Even a multipurpose color stick can do a perfect job for you.

5. Sun protection

As often as possible, make it a point to apply sunscreen before going out in the sun. Excessive exposure to the direct sunlight should be avoided as much as possible. Just make sure the sunscreen you use is safe for use.

The skin on your breasts also becomes more sensitive during this time. As breasts increase in size and prepare for lactation, it’s absolutely necessary to take a good care of the skin. Applying creams that can reduce dryness on the breasts can be very beneficial. Also, you should switch to body washes in order to maintain moisture in the body and reduce itches caused by dryness.

If you’ve got some questions on the kind of products you should use during pregnancy, feel free to contact us. We’ll recommend you some safe, natural and effective skincare products.