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Discover Why Prolash is the Best Eyelash Enhancer!!!

Women are aware that bulky and full lashes make eyes appear brighter and bigger. They make the eyes more attractive and transform the facial appearance making the woman look youthful and healthy. With age, lashes become thin and fragile, which is why it is important to take care of them.

One way to make the eyelashes thicker, darker, longer and healthier is Prolash. Prolash is an eye makeup, mascara. It is a clinically proven and safe eyelash enhancing product, which is a powerful serum safe to be used by women with all eye types.


What is Prolash?

Prolash is a transparent eyelash growth and enhancer serum. It is a vitamin rich serum which contains ingredients that moisturize and rejuvenate the eyelashes. Prolash is thus a serum, a product designed to make the eyelashes longer, thicker and darker. It makes the eyelashes less fragile and increases their glow.

With all the benefits, Prolash is made of 100 percent natural ingredients. It uses no harsh chemicals. Thus, the serum can be used any time of the day to provide natural eye conditioning to make the lashes look longer, stronger and thicker in under a month of use.

Prolash is a complete natural eyelash enhancer that promises to provide long, thick and black eyelashes. Using essential nutrients to enlarge eyelash growthProlash can enhance the eyelash volumes by over 30 percent in a week’s time. The powerful and effective ingredients of the Prolash have been proven to stimulate the eyelash scalp to grow stronger without the risk of any side effects.


Ingredients that make up Prolash

Prolash eyelash enhancing serum basically uses breakthrough technology with vitamins, peptides and plant extracts. The main ingredients of the formula include 10-amino acids, hair follicle growth factor,lavender essential oil, distilled water, natural plant extracts, vitamins and EPM.

Eyelash Enhancer

Advantages that make Prolash the best eyelash enhancer

  1. It is made of natural ingredients and an unique amino acid formula that make it completely safe and effective for all types of users
  2. It is made to help achieve long, dark and thick eyelashes
  3. It fortifies the lashes and enhances their growth significantly in less than a month’s time
  4. The Prolash formula is tested and approved by world renowned dermatologist to be safe and effective
  5. Prolash is a great alternative to fake eyelash extensions


How to use Prolash?

Applying the Prolash is simple yet effective. User needs to apply a thin line of the formula where the eyelash meets the skin on clean and dry face. It is applied like you would apply eyeliner. Prolash in natural and is made to be non-irritating, but it should not be used more than once or twice a day. Apply more often can cause irritation. Prolash on being applied in small quantity, prevents damage to the eyelash instead repairs it to look healthier, stronger and thicker with only a month of use.

A bottle of Prolash contains 5ml of the formula. The serum, if used daily as recommended for best results, lasts fora month. A bottle of Prolash comes with 24 months validity; however, when opened, the bottle is active only for 12 months. It should in no way be used after that.