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Can You Reuse Fake Eyelashes


A general question that by and large invites many confused answers, reuse of fake eyelashes is the most talked about topic worldwide lately. Reuse of eyelashes is normally not advised by doctors for various reasons. Despite unvarying recommendations from   manufacturers that fake eyelashes don’t lose on quality even after repeated use, it requires proper handling to maintain their adhesive strength. They are extremely sensitive and hence you should be cautious in handling them.

Nevertheless, it’s not a great idea to reuse fake eyelashes for the invariable fear of getting eye infection. You should only consider the option when all the other doors are shut. In fact, you should search for particular kind of eyelashes which are designed to be reused over and over again without harming the eyes.

What Are Fake Eyelashes?

Fake or false eyelashes are applied to the lashline of the eye in order to create an illusion of voluminous, darker, longer and fuller eyelashes. Falsies as they are also known as come in various attractive shapes and designs. They are manufactured in such a way that rarely can anyone make out if you are wearing something artificial on your eyelashes. They blend with your eyelashes as naturally as it can get. False eyelashes may be simple, natural-looking, flirty shaped and also available in bright colors or patterns.

Let’s Talk More about Fake Eyelashes

False eyelashes are normally made out of synthetic material or natural hair. The eyelashes made out of synthetic or plastic material are shinier and stiffer than their natural counterparts. Natural hair lashes that are almost similar to real hair, blend easily with eyelashes when worn to give a standard appearance. They are usually made from treated sanitary hair.

There are two main types of eyelashes – strip and individual.

Strip false lashes are quicker and easier to apply but they are bit bulky. Individual eyelashes constitute a small clump of several eyelash sticks stuck together. They are less massive and easy on eyes.

How to apply fake eyelashes

The falsies should be cleaned properly before they are applied to the eyelashes. They should be trimmed so they are almost same in length or width to the natural eyelashes. Once you are satisfied with the dimensions of eyelashes you can apply glue (thinly) to the lash band. You should wait for a few seconds till the eyelashes become sticky. Then you can apply them above your natural lash, exerting slight pressure till they stick properly over the surface. You should only use the adhesive sparingly as it becomes difficult to remove false eyelashes from surface if glued strictly.

For those who are comfortable using the same eyelashes all over again should remove adhesive from the band completely post use and place them in tray for reuse.

False eyelashes offer a very good solution if you want to possess voluminous and heavy eyelashes. However, you should fittingly weigh the advantages and disadvantages before purchase a set for yourself.

Advantages of Fake Eyelashes

  1. Falsies provide a perfect way to enhance the appearance of eyelashes and give them a fuller look than otherwise. Rarely do people have fully grown eyelashes. They can now fulfill their wish by using artificial extensions. These extensions are available in various lengths, colors, designs and lengths that are almost similar to natural eyelashes.
  2. These eyelashes can be worn on any occasions without appearing strange to others. Extensions are considered better than mascara or other accessories because they are relatively easier to use.

Disadvantages of Fake Eyelashes

  1. Fake extensions require a long time in application and generally require a professional to lend them a fine touch else they can even appear odd on you. It can be greatly uncomfortable to sit for that long.
  2. They are expensive to own. Depending on the design, the color and the type of lashes used (natural hair or synthetic hair) they can cost you more or even less.
  3. The kind of maintenance needed by false eyelashes is extensive. You should not apply mascara while wearing false eyelashes. False eyelashes can make you sweat which when mixed with mascara can enter your eyes causing allergies and infections. Also, you are required to take extensive care of adhesive that holds the false lenses in place.
  4. False eyelashes can also lead to natural eyelash damage. This mostly happens if one settles for the less expensive brands that use sub standard glue for sticking to the eyes. Buying reliable products that are safe for the eyes will have far less negative effects when compared with mascara and liners.

How to Reuse Fake Eyelashes

  1. Here are some of the instructions that will guide you for reusing fake eyelashes.
  2. Gently remove the false eyelashes from the eyes, and place them in a clean container. Sometimes eyelashes come inside usable container like those available for keeping contact lenses.
  3. Before placing them in the container, gently rub both sides along the adhesive strip. Make sure all the glue has been cleaned from the surface. Use tweezers if needed.
  4. Finally taka blob of cotton dipped in some diluted alcohol and wipe the surface of the lashes. This will disinfect the lashes.
  5. When you are planning to wear the lashes again, you can clean the surface in a similar manner. But, make sure your eyes are clean and you are not wearing any kind of eye makeup prior before application.

And at the end of it remember that your eyes are precious, and they need to be taken care of properly. Maintain hygiene all the way along and make the best of artificial lashes.

Should one re-use false eyelashes?

You can use false eyelashes provided you keep them clean all the time. If you can ensure their cleanliness (rarely people do) then there is no harm in reusing them. However, other than the cleanliness, these eyelashes tend to lose their shape with time. Even the quality takes a hit after some time. If you can afford a new pair of false eyelashes then always go for a new purchase rather than carrying unnecessary risks with the old pair.

What doctors say about re-use?

Generally most of the ophthalmologists don’t recommend reuse of lashes for the fear of developing severe allergies and other stern eye diseases. Those who wear them during night parties are more at risk for the basic reason that you generally sweat more at night. Therefore, wearing an old pair not only puts you at increased risk of developing eye complications but also eye injuries, as extremities of the false eyelashes tend to become rough with time.

Nevertheless, those who are pro-false eyelashes rarely listen to such advices. The only recommendation for them is to use falsies especially synthetic ones after properly sanitizing them. It requires a lot of care to keep reusing the same pair year after year. If the basic purpose in using false eyelashes repeatedly is to save some easy bucks then think once again.

But, apart from this, if you are careful about how you apply artificial lashes, it is just another beauty regime you are following. Be sure to buy authentic products from brands that offer guarantee and assure you of the safe composition of the lashes.