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Can You Use Cocoa Butter After Dermarolling?

Cocoa butter is a great product to be used in combination with Dermarolling, especially for treating stretch marks.

Many teenagers suffering from stretch marks and pregnant women struggling to get rid of stretch marks post child birth are opting for derma rolling procedures and cocoa butter treatment.

But did you know that combining the use of the two could produce better results in a shorter span of time?

Yes, the combination of derma rollers and cocoa butter is indeed great! But, keep in mind the following in order to ensure the application of cocoa butter does not hamper derma rolling treatment.

Why Dermarolling And Cocoa Butter?

Cocoa butter is used for topical application over the skin. Since most topical creams only penetrate 3-5% of the skin surface, the effectiveness of these creams is made use of minimally.

Derma rolling on the other hand is a procedure that opens skin pores by digging tiny holes in the skin. Now, if you apply cocoa butter after derma rolling, the chances of deeper penetration increase manifold.

The Double Benefit of Derma Rollers

It is clear from the above that derma rollers work in a dual manner to be effective against stretch marks and other skin problems:

  • 1.By creating tiny openings in the skin it allows better penetration of topical creams and skin serums.
  • 2.It stimulates the production of collagen thereby improving the overall texture of the skin.

What You Should Not Do?

Cocoa butter is a great moisturizer, and precisely why it should not be used prior to the derma rolling treatment. It will block the pores and render the treatment not so effective.

The right way of using the two is to begin by cleansing the skin, followed by derma rolling and at last using cocoa butter.