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How to Apply Latisse


With over 3.5 million bottles of the Latisse eyelash enhancer already sold since its launch, the product today occupies a prominent place in the list of the best beauty enhancing products. Latisse is the first product that is sold on prescription treatment approved by FDA. Anyone not having adequate eyelashes can use the product for growing them longer thicker, fuller and darker. Although Latisse should only be used on prescription, it can be ordered online or bought from medical stores across the globe.

Latisse eyelash enhancer is a once in a day treatment and has to be applied on the upper lashes for growing them in volume and thickness. During clinical trials, patients have seen the result appearing in as few as 8 weeks with full results visible by the end of 12 to 16 weeks, depending on the individual growth time.

Latisse is a product made by Allergan, the company that also manufactures Botox. According to the company it is a topical eyelash treatment that is applied daily to grow your eyelashes thicker, and darker. Being the only FDA approved and researched eyelash treatment; people the world over look up to it as the most reliable source to beautiful and well defined eyes. Moreover, it natural formula renders it safe for use, unless you already have some eye problem like infection or discoloration, which may interfere with its performance.


How does Latisse work?

According to the studies available on Latisse, nothing is very clear on how it works on the lashes to increase their length, thickness, strength and darkness. Like all other hair over our body, including the hair over our head, eyelashes too have their own growth cycle, after which they fall out. So, the one thing that stands out is that Latisse slows or rather extends the growth phase of the hair follicles and increases the number of hair that sprouts.

It works with the natural growth system of the lashes. Since the lashes of different people will have a different growth time, Latisse will yield results to match that pace. This means that if the growth rate of the eyelashes of some people is faster, Latisse will work faster, and vice versa. This growth rate in turn is determined by various factors like age, health condition, and the body’s natural response to the treatment.


How to apply Latisse?

Proper application of Latisse is important if you wish to get the desired results within the shortest time span. So here’s a guide on how to apply Latisse:

  1. Take a thin brush and apply a drop of Latisse to it. Dab it on the upper lash line each night with a sterile applicator supplied with the pack, or any sterile brush you have at home.
  2. Close your eyes for about 2 minutes after application. The drug spreads to your lower lash line automatically as a person blinks.
  3. As a precaution, the manufacturer cautions to never apply Latisse over the lower lid.
  4. Always wash your face and remove all makeup before the application of Latisse. Also remove contact lenses before application; you can wear them 15 min afterwards.
  5. Always discard the applicator after one use. Reusing it may lead to serious eye problems, including infection and allergic reactions.
  6. In case it drops over the skin, wipe it immediately, otherwise it can promote hair growth on the skin as well.

During studies and tests, participants have experienced results within a maximum of 16 weeks. This included increase in the length of the eyelash by 25%; 106% increase in thickness and fullness of the lashes, and 18% increase in the darkness of the lashes.


Latisse side effects

Although Latisse eyelash enhancer is FDA approved and most people will not experience any side effects, some people might encounter problems as given below:

  1. If you already have eye conditions such as conjunctivitis and other infections, allergies, etc. the use if Latisse should be avoided. Should you persist, there is a likely risk of macular edema, which may eventually block your vision.
  2. Pregnant women and women nursing babies should also avoid the use of Latisse. If at all you need to use it, make sure to consult your doctor first.
  3. The active ingredients of Latisse are bound to lower the intraocular pressure, and so in case one is already using medications for glaucoma or ocular hyper tension, do consult a doctor so that he/she can monitor your eye pressure correctly.
  4. Many people have experienced that if the Latisse accidently gets inside their eyes, it causes dryness in the eyes and the eyelids may also begin to darken.
  5. Sometimes its use can cause the eye to become red and also itch.

The above are a few reasons why Latisse should only be taken on a doctor’s prescription. In case you already have some eye condition, avoid using it till the problem has been taken care of.

Also, make sure you apply it methodically so that none of it drips inside the eyes or over the skin. If in case it does, wipe it off immediately. Also, never use an applicator twice, as eyes are the most sensitive to allergies and infections of all kinds. Be cautious while applying Latisse and follow Latisse directions precisely.


Latisse reviews

  1. I’m extremely happy with Latisse eyelash enhancer, but once in a while there is some itching if it accidently enters the eye. Although reviews on the net were a bit scary about having an itchy eye, mine got relived with the use of normal eyedrops. I advise that anyone using the product should be careful about not dropping it in the eyes. For the rest, it is just an amazing beauty enhancing product, which has really boosted the length and thickness of my eyelashes. Ashley - Aberdeen

  2. I’ve been using Latisse eyelash enhancer for only two weeks now, and I don’t know if it’s my imagination or whether my eyelashes have really begun to look longer and darker! I was wary of the side effects of the product, but I think if anyone has healthy eyes, there is no need to worry about any harm to the eyes. Seattle, Washington
    I apply it every night at bed time, and I’m extremely particular in keeping it all hygienic because I believe my own safety is in my hands. Jessica -

  3. I started using Latisse when my stupid eyelash extensions literally got my eyes bold! It was so sad, and nothing was working till I discovered Latisse. It is the most amazing eye lash enhancer available in the market. Easy to apply, no mess, and it takes only a minute every day. Emily - Belfast
  4. Now where ever I go people have started noticing my eyes, and they shower me with complements all the time. I’m so happy, thanks Latisse eyelash enhancer! Brittany - Denver, Colorado

  5. Ok, I believe that Latisse is expensive, and yet I don’t mind spending that amount because nothing else has ever worked so well for my lashes before this. My lashes were dry, brittle, and almost negligibly visible over the eye, but now after the application of Latisse they feel thicker and stronger and denser than before. In fact denser than they ever were. Elizabeth - Bradford