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How to Get Rid Of Stretch Marks from Weight Lifting

Stretch marks not only look ugly, they even lower your self-confidence and make you feel unattractive. The following article discusses how to get rid of stretch marks from weight lifting. Read on if you have are a frequent visitor to gym and lift weights.

Weight lifting is great for strengthening and toning the muscles and improving overall shape of the body. However, regular weightlifting can increase the risk of developing stretch marks. Ask anyone who has been doing it regularly and you will know just how common a problem this is.

Main Cause of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are the most common side effect of gaining a lot of muscle in a short amount of time. The main areas affected by stretch marks from weight lifting include shoulder, arms and chest.

Treatment of Stretch Marks

Prevention is the best cure for stretch marks. Therefore, it is important you consume Vitamin E and mineral rich diet to prevent their growth in the first place.

However, truth is, if you’re a hardcore bodybuilder/weightlifter you will soon develop stretch marks. But, good news is that derma rollers can now be used effectively to get rid of any type of stretch marks in no time.

Unlike, ordinary skin treatments, derma rollers do not cause any unnecessary strain on the skin. Instead, it helps in building up collagen and elastin in the dermis of the skin, without damaging the epidermis. Many people around the world use derma rollers to get rid of stretch marks caused due to various reasons.

Derma rolling will induce a continuous skin regeneration effect through the punctures created by the needles. As a result, your skin will become much more supple, smoother and brighter.

With a good quality derma roller, you will see a noticeable change such as fading of scars, stretch marks and cellulite smoothing within a short timeframe.

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