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Which numbing cream should I use for dermarolling?


Painless Beauty with Derma Roller and Dr. Numb Numbing Cream

Are you afraid of needles? Are you afraid of dermarolling on a highly sensitive area? Are you jumpy, jittery, or generally an impatient person? Do you think you're too old to handle the pain? Ever wish you could do dermarolling without pain?

Dermarolling, by its very nature of a needle puncturing the skin in quick succession, is going to hurt. But you can cut down on that pain with Dr. Numb that will help you get a painless dermarolling. Dr. Numb is the leader in the numbing cream industry.

ShinSachi Pharmaceutical focuses on highest quality product by following cGMP manufacturing practices. Dr. Numb is carefully formulated with the safest but strongest amount of lidocaine so it can be purchased without a prescription. The company exercise overall quality assurance of the manufacture, packaging, and storage. By maintaining adequate master manufacturing batch records, ShinSachi guarantees highest standard numbing cream available in the market.

The company has taken the leader position in the market boasting worldwide distribution to 125 countries and expanding. With highest retention of customers in different industries, customers are rest assured of highest quality topical anesthetic cream backed up by superb management team, customer service, and expedited shipment. Shinsachi understands the urgent needs of worldwide customers and thus fulfilling products from almost every state in USA, reducing the delivery time – aiming for the fastest delivery and customers satisfaction.