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Microneedle Skin Nurse Roller System (MNRS) 1.0mm

Microneedle Skin Nurse Roller System (MNRS) 1.0mm

2  x Microneedle Skin Nurse Roller System (MNRS)

2 x Microneedle Skin Nurse Roller System (MNRS)

Microneedle Skin Nurse Roller System (MNRS) 1.5mm

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Microneedle Skin Nurse Roller System (MNRS)  1.5mm

The MNRS roller or Microneedle Skin Nurse Roller System is a popular roller amongst many salons as well as for home users. It has a strong high quality construction and is suitable for every aspect of derma rolling. It offers an excellent balance between quality and price. The MNRS roller or Microneedle Skin Nurse Roller System scores well at the “business end” of the roller – with strong high quality needles and construction. It is let down a little by the shape of its handle design which is not as easy to grip as other micro needling tools. That said, it is a good choice for users looking for a cost effective option for fine line and wrinkle treatments.

How to use MNRS roller

  • You use the roller by moving it across your skin in a series of movements which mimic the four compass points. In other words, move it four times –north, south, east and west across the area of skin to be treated. Take extra care near your eyes, lips and other delicate parts of your face and/or body.
  • Roll this over your skin as directed. Do this only every 2.5 - 3 weeks for 1.5mm needle length.  Use a shorter needle like 0.25mm if you want to derma roll up to 3 times a week.
  • Overuse will result in painful, sore skin so avoid doing this.

Available color: black handle, dark pink roller head

Microneedle Skin Nurse roller is a premium quality derma roller. 

For best results use with:

  • Ceutical Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  • Ceutical Nano Collagen Whitening
  • Meso Cell Lift-Up

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